Abi (aka Abigail Kazari Toyo Ken), born March 2012, is feisty, beautiful and a bit of a diva. She is brimming with confidence and very loving and also extremely energetic and intelligent. She asserts herself as the leader of the other dogs, however is very caring of them. When we went to meet her at her breeders, the wonderful Katarina and Eva Dedicova, she took to us straight away and never really looked back. She has a great pedigree and is a really super example of the breed. She is 23cm tall and weighs around 2.5kg.

Although we hadn’t planned getting a long haired Prazsky Krysarik, we fell in love with Abi from her pictures and looked into other examples of long-haired PK’s and liked what we saw.

Abi’s mother’s parents are Artus Simply Great, a former Czech Champion Best of Breed (twice), and Chelsea Čekanka also a Czech Champion and Junior Champion. Thanks to Katarina and Eva Dedicova – Kazari Toyo Ken

Since her ‘F’ litter, Abi retired from breeding. However, her maternal duties are far from over as she mothers the younger dogs and likes to be involved in raising new puppies!